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James Martin, Jr., Vice-Chair
William Scheuerle, Secretary
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Tampa-Hillsborough Public Library Board



Mr. Johnson called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. A quorum was present. Ms. O'Rourke and Dr. Fisher arrived after the role call.


Library Board Members Present:
Jim Johnson, Chair
Sandra Cameron, Laura Vickers, Dora Reeder,
James Martin, William Scheuerle,
Bob Argus, Margaret Fisher,
Kay O'Rourke, James Harkins
Library Board Members Excused:
Alma Hires, Michelle Schofner

Library Board Members Absent:
Dora Reeder

Library Staff Present:
Joe Stines, Director, Library Services;
Linda Gillon, Manager, Programming;
David Wullschleger, Manager, Operations;
Jackie Zebos, Manager, Administrative & Reference Services;
Suzanne George, Chief Librarian;
Gina DuBois, Administrative Services Coordinator;

Aracelis Putnam, Administrative Specialist;
Barbara Marquette, Administrative Specialist;
Tina Russo, Supervisor, Seminole Heights Library;
Darlene Harris, Principal Librarian, Saunders Library;
Israel Grajales, General Manager IV, Real Estate;
Assistant County Attorney Alicia Gonzalez.

Special Guests:

Members of the Public:


Mr. Harkins moved that the March 23, 2006 minutes be approved. Mr. Martin seconded. The motion passed unanimously.







Chair Bill Scheuerle stated that the Committee would not be meeting in May. The next meeting will be Thursday, June 22, 2006 at 2:00 p.m. at the John F. Germany Public Library. Dr. Scheuerle discussed the FY07 Decision Units stating that the Principal Library Assistant position for West Gate Regional had been removed. Mr. Stines explained that this Decision Unit was dropped since the project will not be completed in FY07. The Decision Unit will be resubmitted in the FY08 budget cycle.

Questions regarding Indirect Costs (30-049) were raised during the review of the Budget Report. The Committee requested staff to invite the Management & Budget Director, Eric Johnson to the next meeting.

The R3M report was discussed. This is a report on the Major Repair, Renovation and Replacement Program. The Library Board should receive this report on a quarterly basis. The Budget Committee requested additional information to clarify items. A revised report will be sent to the Library Board. Dr. Scheuerle stated that any project estimated at over $150,000 was classified as a Capital Expenditure.


Chair, James Martin. The Committee recommended to the Library Board that Planning Committee Chair James Martin be appointed to the John F. Germany taskforce as the Library Board's representative. Mr. Stines stated that due to Sunshine Laws only one member of the Library Board may represent the Board on the taskforce. Mr. Argus made the motion to appoint Mr. Martin as the Library Board's representative to the John F. Germany Public Library Taskforce. Dr. Fisher seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Martin stated that a summer reading program will be conducted at Sulphur Springs Elementary School. The School Board has agreed to cover the cost of opening the school, and the Library will be responsible for staffing. The Committee recommended to the Library Board that staff hire the temporary staff needed to operate the summer reading program at Sulphur Springs Elementary. Ms. Vickers made the motion to accept the Committee's recommendation. Mr. Argus seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Martin stated that the Planning Committee is recommending to the Library Board that a letter be written to the County Administrator with a copy to the Director of Real Estate, Mike Kelly, pertaining to the $500,000 grant for the West Gate Regional Library. Mr. Argus made the motion. Dr. Fisher seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

The next Planning Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 23, 2006 at 2:00 p.m. at the John F. Germany Public Library.

Mr. Martin asked Mr. Israel Grajales to discuss the West Gate Regional Library project and whether there is a need to change the Library Board's requirements from five acres to seven acres for future library sites.


Chair, Laura Vickers stated that the Committee did not meet in April.










Library Service Hours - Mr. Stines stated that the hours are reviewed twice a year and that the new hours would become effective June 1, 2006. Mr. Stines stated that the intent was to provide consistency and to offer as many hours as possible with the current staff.

Principal Librarian Darlene Harris addressed the Library Board's request for additional hours at the Urban Libraries (College Hill, Saunders, and West Tampa Libraries). Ms. Harris stated that 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. is the time that staff uses to plan programs. She stated that these libraries provide a lot of non-traditional library services to meet the needs of the community for example, filling out forms for State programs such as Access Florida, Workers Compensation, job applications, and the Department of Children and Families. Staff also uses this time to meet with prospective partners. Staffing is also a consideration because all of the Urban Libraries staff starts at 9:00 a.m. Ms. Harris stated that the majority of the patrons are there to use the computers and not to check out materials. It is Ms. Harris' opinion that opening additional hours would not increase the circulation of these branches.

Mr. Stines stated that he could not recommend the additional hours for these locations without cutting some of the programming and partnerships that Ms. Harris and the Urban Libraries staff are performing.

Mr. Harkins asked Ms. Harris to provide the Library Board with a list of the organizations and the types of partnerships they have with the Urban Libraries. Mr. Stines stated that this could be incorporated into a special report for the Library Board. Ms. Cameron made the motion to approve the revised proposed library hours which will take effect June 1. Dr. Fisher seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

West Gate Regional - Israel Grajales, Architectural Services, explained that after the designs had been started, it was decided by Administration to change the scope of the project by adding an additional two thousand square feet to the Aging Services facility. It also added the Children's Board component. Architectural Services advised Administration that these changes would delay the project approximately six months. Shortly after approval, the Children's Board decided to pull out of the project. Then there were engineering and site design delays. Mr. Grajales showed the Library Board drawings of the site and the floor plan. Discussion is ongoing with Planning and Growth Management Department and Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) regarding the elevation of the building.

Mr. Stines stated that if the contract goes out for bid and has to go out for re-bid the $500,000 grant would be lost. However, this money is not included in the Capital Projects budget. Mr. Grajales stated that everything is going as scheduled, but if bids are not received or there is a protest, the grant will be lost. We must have a signed construction contract by December 23, 2006 and prior to that a 50% drawing would have to be sent to the State. Mr. Grajales expects that a Request for Proposal (RFP) will be sent out in June.

The Library Board will be notified of any public meetings that are scheduled


Mr. Stines stated that the County Auditor, Kathy Mathews, has been reviewing Library Services book buying process. She has issued the final report, and Mr. Stines is in the process of writing his response. Mr. Stines stated that she has been very fair and is recommending that Library Services work with Procurement to develop a formal request for quotes or Request for Qualification (RFQ). Once this is in place Ms. Mathews is going to recommend to the BOCC that it rescind its 984 action in which Library Services was exempted from the purchasing process for the purchase of books. Ms. Mathews has also supported by direct pay the Library's use of a procurement card (Pcard) eliminating the need to process invoices through the Clerk's Office. This will expedite the payment process which may give us a discount with some of the vendors.

Finally, Ms. Mathews makes the point that Palm Beach County does outsource its book purchasing and receives an additional one percent discount. Mr. Stines stated that unlike us Palm Beach County library system does not currently have the security tags installed at the time of purchase.

Mr. Stines and staff meet with auditors from the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Mr. Stines stated that Library Services has not been audited since 1992.

Mr. Johnson reminded Mr. Stines that Mr. Grajales was going to report to the Library Board regarding the five or seven acre site for new libraries. Mr. Johnson stated that in past meetings the Library Board discussed the practice of requiring five acres. With the need for additional land for expansion and parking was it necessary to change that requirement to seven acres?

Mr. Grajales stated that for a 15,000 square foot library seven acres would be too much. Such a requirement may limit site selection.

Mr. Stines stated that he could use this example in future recommendations to the Library Board.

Mr. Stines stated that the Tax Collector is looking into building on the property at Bloomingdale.

Mr. Johnson restated that for a 15,000 square foot library with the ability to expand to 25,000 square feet with adequate parking five acres would be sufficient. Mr. Grajales confirmed.

Mr. Harkins asked to be excused.

Mr. Stines continued his report on the audit stating that since the focus would be on performance the Clerk's Office would be conducting interviews at various branches. Mr. Stines will update the Library Board regularly.

Ms. Vickers announced that the West Gate Friends of the Library were holding their annual Art, Wine, and Music on Thursday, May 4, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.

The Cybermobile dedication is scheduled for Thursday, May 11 at 11:00 a.m. Mr. Stines stated that the Library Board members would be receiving their invitations shortly.

Mr. Johnson read a letter from Mr. Harkins: "Because of the high percentage of Spanish speaking individuals in the SouthShore area, how many bilingual persons will be hired or reassigned to the SouthShore Regional Library?" Mr. Stines responded that staff are working on filling those positions and are using bilingual skills as a criterion.


Mr. Stines asked whether the Library Board had any other concerns regarding the Tax Collector's request to share the Bloomingdale property. There were none besides room to expand and compensation of library tax dollars.

Mr. Stines stated that he recently met with Senator Crist regarding the University Partnership Library. There is low income housing in the area that would need to be demolished to have enough property for the partnership complex. However, there are deed restrictions that the property has to be used for low income housing until 2012. Currently the project is scheduled for completion in 2010. Mr. Stines will keep the Library Board updated on the progress of the project.

Mr. Stines stated that the West Tampa Public Library and has been chosen as one of eighty libraries in the US and Canada to be included in The Heart of the Community - the Libraries You Love, which will be published in October 2006. People all across the country submitted nominations to the publishers, and Ms. Suzy George submitted the West Tampa Public Library.

Staff is working with Said Iravani to arrange a presentation at the New Tampa Regional Library Friends. Mr. Stines spoke to Linda Allen, Director of Libraries for Pasco County, who stated that Pasco County has secured the land at the intersection of Bruce B. Downs and 56th to build a 20,000 square foot library. There are no funds available, and she has no idea when funds might be available.

The Land O' Lakes branch is currently closed for renovation and may not be operational until March 2007. Mr. Stines will report back to the Library Board.

Dr. Scheuerle asked about the FishHawk Library. Mr. Stines stated that the park site has been accepted.

A video broadcast by Channel 10 News was shown. Susan Johnston, children's librarians at the Jan Platt Regional Library, was featured conducting a Baby Time program.

Mr. Stines stated that he and Ms. Koerper are working on funding for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library and representatives from ten organizations are meeting on a regular basis to bring this project on line. A video narrated by Dolly Parton was shown.

Mr. Johnson stated that the additional property for the Riverview parking lot has been cleared and that he will continue to monitor the progress.

Ms. Vickers and Dr. Fisher asked to be excused from the May 25 meeting.


Budget - No meeting in May. Thursday, June 22, 2006 - 2:00 p.m. at the John F. Germany Public Library

Planning - Tuesday, May 23, 2006 -2:00 p.m. at the John F. Germany Public Library

Policy & Bylaws - No meeting in May.

Library Board - Thursday, May 25, 2006 - 4:00 p.m. at the New Tampa Regional Library


The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

Next Library Board Meeting:
         Date: May 25, 2006
         Time: 4pm-6pm
         Location: New Tampa Regional Library

                 - Unless notified otherwise.

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