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Tampa-Hillsborough Public Library Board



Chairman Sandra Cameron called the meeting to order at 415pm.


Library Board Members Present:
Sandra Cameron, Elizabeth Blue
Kay O'Rourke, William Scheuerle
Anniece Ross, Helen Swisshelm
Ian Greig
Library Board Excused:
Josephine Gracia
Dora Reeder

Library Board Absent:
Catherine Bartolotti
Fred Hearns

Library Staff Present:
Joe Stines, Director of Libraries
Marcee Challener, Assitant Director
David Wullschleger, Chief of Operations
Linda Gillon, Manager of Staff & Administrative Support

Jackie Zebos, Senior Librarian
Michele Crowe, Senior Secretary

Special Guests:

Members of the Public:



William Scheuerle moved that the minutes for April 20 be approved as amended. Anniece Ross seconded. Minutes were approved.







Helen Swisshelm related that indirect costs would definitely be raised $200,000 this year. She explained that the library is in the second year of the current budget and that the committee is adjusting the approved budget.

Joe Stines gave the Budget Committee copies of the BOCC calendar. Referring to key dates that the Board should be aware of, he suggested that it was crucial that citizens attend the June 15th meeting at 6:00pm. It is crucial for citizens to attend this meeting and make their requests known to the BOCC (i.e. Brandon, South Brandon, Westchase citizens). The Library Advisory Board is making a request for Sunday hours at North Tampa and for extended service at the John F. Germany Library. That meeting will cover both the 2001 budget and the capital improvement program.

There will be a new format for the budget 2002-3. Briefly Joe Stines explained that the county is moving from a zero-based budget to a program-based budget in which the library has to identify its basic services. There are four basic services into which the budget will be directed: reference, circulation (the loaning of materials), member registration (number of people with library cards) and library collection (use of all library resources, books, hours, etc). The Library is one of five County departments chosen as a pilot for this method.


Anniece Ross represented Dora Reeder. She asked Jackie Zebos to distribute copies of the draft policy for naming public library facilities. Since the John F. Germany Public Library was renamed the John F. Germany Public Library, the committee decided that the issue of renaming existing libraries or naming new ones would arise again and that a policy governing naming was necessary.

Anniece Ross explained that the naming policy covered suggested topics of concern and that the Committee was interested in the Board's comments and recommendations. The policy was read a section at a time and changes were noted.

Helen Swisshelm asked if the policy would be a part of the bylaws or just a policy. Joe Stines explained that the Board could make it a part of the bylaws although they have the authority to set policy. The Board already approves all internal policies for library operations. It will be part of the policy.

Helen Swisshelm asked what strength the policy had. Joe Stines replied that it would serve as a guideline for the Board's decisions, but should not conflict with the Board of County Commissioners' policy on naming buildings.

The BOCC delegates the naming of portions of buildings to the Library Board.

Helen Swisshelm asked whether the examples cited in the policy were going to remain there. Anniece Ross responded that she felt they were directional as precedents for the policy.

Several changes were suggested throughout the reading of the policy. A revised copy of the policy will be mailed with the standard mailing prior to the next Board meeting.





Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative Council:

Sandra Cameron explained that this council includes the directors of the Tampa, Temple Terrace and Plant City libraries and the chairmen of each representative board. The Council met on April 18 to discuss state aid and their bylaws. This was the second meeting of the Council. Their purpose is to help coordinate the services of the libraries.


Ian Greig asked if there was any further information on the meeting of the Cultural Arts District Task Force. Joe Stines stated that Skidmore, Owens and Merrill had been hired to plan the district. Ian asked for clarification about how the planning committee members would be appointed. Joe said that there would be a smaller committee selected from the original one and that the County would be represented. Ian strongly urged that the library's interests be represented. Joe will find out who will be selecting this committee and the Library Board will then contact them and press for library representation.

Ian Greig moved that the Board form a subcommittee including the Friends to attend the meetings. Second was made by Anniece Ross. Sandra Cameron appointed an ad hoc committee consisting of Anniece Ross, Ian Greig and William Scheuerle (as Friends liaison).

Ian Greig requested a copy of the proposal submitted by Skidmore, Owens and Merrill. Joe Stines said that he would provide a copy.


Kay O'Rourke presented mementos of the groundbreaking at the new Northwest site from the Stellar Group to be distributed to the Library Board and key individuals from Hillsborough County.

Appointment of a Nominating Committee. Sandra Cameron asked for three volunteers to suggest new Library Board officers and to return with the nominations by the next Board meeting. The committee members are William Scheuerle (chair), Elizabeth Blue, and Ian Greig. They decided to conduct a tele-conference.

Helen Swisshelm suggested having a bookfair. Joe Stines replied that the Friends had tried to have one for three years. Jan Platt's committee wants to create a lunchtime author series. She hopes to get subscribers to talk about the author and the services the library provides. Joe Stines further explained that the Friends had encountered a scheduling conflict with the large St. Petersburg Times bookfair held at Eckerd College. He needs to discuss it further with the Friends.

Marcee Challener stated that she had received notice from Chris Crutcher (youth author) stating that he will be in Tampa October 18th and 19th for Teen Read Week. This is a program that the library began planning last year. The library will probably partner with Blake High School, the Performing Arts Center, and Sarasota County to share the expenses.

The BOCC will be meeting on the Internet issue on June 7 at 1:30pm. Joe Stines assured the Board that he would contact them if that date changed. The agenda at this time is unknown.

Elizabeth Blue asked how protected the library's computers are from viruses. Joe Stines replied that the library has not had any problem in this area to the best of his knowledge. Ian Greig suggested that Automated Services staff attend the next Board meeting and discuss this issue. Joe Stines suggested that there be a meeting of the Internet subcommittee to report back to the Board after the Internet discussion at the BOCC meeting.

Elizabeth Blue requested that someone attend the June 7th BOCC meeting on her behalf. Anniece Ross volunteered, as did Sandra Cameron. She requested that Joe notify the Internet Subcommittee to meet at 3:00pm on June 22nd prior to the regular Board meeting unless the Budget committee meets at that time.

Anniece Ross asked how Ronda Storms had been informed of the library's policy and what the Board is doing. Joe stated that she has received copies of all the library's policies and that there are two letters. The first to Dan Kleman informed him of the library Board's decision after the last meeting and one follow up since then.


Joe announced the hiring of Barbara Marquette as administrative assistant. She has been an administrative assistant for the Department of Aging Services for six years.

He then distributed organization charts. There were no changes in the public service areas other than to list the E-libraries. Under the Staff and Administrative Support section, all purchasing now falls under David Wullschleger in Fiscal Services. Automated Services will be renamed Operations and Technology under Al Carlson. He hopes to set up interviews soon to fill the vacant Manager position.

Joe Stines displayed the new Burgert Brothers' notecards. The cost per package is $10.00.

On Monday, May 15, Candace Hunley from the County's legislative delegation contacted Joe. She said that Rob Wallace, chairperson of the delegation, wanted to host a press conference following the end of the legislative session. The press conference was held in the Auditorium on Friday, May 19. Most of the press, however, left to cover the Ybor City fire. Wallace did write a letter acknowledging the West Tampa project listed for the next session and congratulated the library on how valuable it is.




The meeting was adjourned at 610pm.

Next Library Board Meeting:
         Date: June 22, 2000
         Time: 4pm-6pm
         Location: John F. Germany Public Library

                 - Unless notified otherwise

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