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Tampa-Hillsborough Public Library Board



Chairman Sandra Cameron called the meeting to order at 4pm.


Library Board Members Present:
Sandra Cameron, Ian Greig
Kay O'Rourke, Anniece Ross
William Scheuerle, Helen Swisshelm
Catherine Bartolotti
Library Board Excused:
Elizabeth Blue
Dora Reeder
Josephine Gracia

Library Board Absent:

Fred Hearns

Library Staff Present:
Joe Stines, Director of Libraries
Marcee Challener, Assitant Director
Jean Peters, Chief of Reference and Information
Al Carlson, Chief of Automated Systems and Services
Linda Gillon, Manager of Staff & Administrative Support

Suzie George, Facilities Officer
Jackie Zebos, Senior Librarian
Michele Crowe, Senior Secretary

Special Guests:

Members of the Public:



Joe Stines commented on re-appointments: Sandra Cameron, Kay O' Rourke, Fred Hearns, Elizabeth Blue were eligible for re-appointment. Sandra Cameron, Kay O' Rourke, and Elizabeth Blue have asked to be re-appointed. Fred Hearns has not asked to be re-appointed. These appointments were deferred from the BOCC's June 21 agenda to June 27, 2000 continuation meeting. There will be a replacement for Linda Arnold's position. District 3 will be readvertised. Helen Swisshelm asked about District 3. Joe Stines stated that District 3 encompasses Temple Terrace, the inner City of Tampa, Progress Village, Clair Mel City, southern Thonotosassa and east Tampa. Applicants must live within their district in order to be eligible.


Approved as amended.





Kay O'Rourke - Chair, received a call from Israel Grajales regarding the infected pines at the new Northwest Library site and approved treatment. The nursing home next door wants to mount a campaign to raise money to buy a piece of sculpture/fountain for the property. The nursing home is working with Wyland Galleries of Florida to select the bronze sculpture/fountain. The idea is that the funds will come from the community and unite several communities. This would be a substitute for public art since there are no funds for public art in this project.


Helen Swisshelm, Chair - Joe Stines distributed summaries of the BOCC Budget Workshop. Dan Kleman supported Budget and Management's recommendation that no additional funding for FY2001 with the exception of additional monies needed to meet new commitments with Plant City and Temple Terrace. Grants have been placed in the budget provided we receive funding; however, no funds were allocated for Sunday hours, or cash registers. Commissioners had the option of flagging items that they felt were not included in the recommended budget. Joe Stines distributed the Unmet Capital Project List and discussed items that had been flagged by various Commissioners. Rob Turner, Property Appraiser, had provided to the BOCC millage projections which showed an additional $500,000 in the Library Fund than is allocated in the FY2001 budget. These funds could possibly be added to the Library reserve.

Unfunded List - was distributed for discussion by the Board members. Staff has a meeting on Tuesday, June 27 with Management and Budget and Architectural Services to verify the amount of money needed to complete the West Tampa project. This list will be discussed more fully at the July 13th Budget Workshop. The Library's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) could change if the BOCC decides to use additional ad valorem revenue surplus to fund the project. There is no proposal to open CIT projects at this time. Bill Scheuerle made the following motion: The Board maintain the list as it is and give Joe Stines the flexibility to recommend the two size models described in the list. Seconded by Helen Swisshelm. Motion passed unanimously. Ian Greig asked about project number five's priority. Joe Stines explained that this list is divided into unfunded and partially funded, so his point is correct. It was noted that a Budget Committee meeting might need to be called prior to the July 13 BOCC discussion.


Anniece Ross, interim Chair - presented the revised Policy for Naming Public Library Facilities.

Discussion was held and recommendations made. Ms. Ross will work with staff to finalize these changes. The Policy & Bylaws Committee will develop procedures for implementation of the policy.


Elizabeth Blue, Chair - Joe Stines reported in her absence. Motion brought before the Board of County Commissioners by Ronda Storms was for Emeline Acton, County Attorney, to provide a legal opinion to Dan Kleman, County Administrator, and for him to develop and implement a policy to require filtering which is constitutional. The County Attorney is still working on that opinion. Mr. Kleman may wish to bring this issue back to the Library Advisory Board for comment. This item will be addressed at the July 12th BOCC meeting and may necessitate a special Library Advisory Board meeting. Ian Greig requested a copy of the proposed policy be distributed to Library Advisory Board members before the July 12th BOCC meeting. Helen Swisshelm stated that it was significant that the Library Advisory Board proposal to the Board of County Commissioners was discussed and was not overridden. No further action is needed from the Internet Subcommittee until the County Attorney's opinion is rendered. The Library Advisory Board has recommended and will continue to recommend that total open access to the Internet as a specialized service be offered at the John F. Germany Library or at libraries where there becomes sufficient staff and space available to handle it safely for all users. Anniece Ross asked how the blocks were working. Jean Peters replied that everything is working well, the only request for review of web sites has been for chat. No one has challenged anything that is being blocked. The major complaint has been lack of access to chat.

Sandra Cameron requested clarification of Roger Dean's role in this issue. Joe Stines explained that Roger Dean is the Director of Hillsborough County's Information and Technology Department and would address a second motion from the BOCC to explore filtering options for all County workstations.

Ian Greig asked if there had been any progress in the use of the library card as a block. Joe Stines responded that we are still re-registering all of our patrons. One of the problems was that we didn't have age data, but it is a mandatory field now. Al Carlson stated that you could not register or re-register for a library card now without giving your age. If someone is unwilling to give their age, identifications are being checked. In the event the library goes to age based filtering, anyone over 18 who is unwilling to give their birth date may use the bogus date of July 4, 1776 and the computer will recognize this as an adult patron.


There has been no report from this committee for a while. Joe stated that he would contact Fred Hearns as well as Jan Stein, Public Art Coordinator.


Nominating Committee Report - Bill Scheuerle recommended that the Board reappoint Sandra Cameron (chair) Anniece Ross (vice-chair) William Scheuerle (secretary).

Helen Swisshelm requested that Fred Hearns be replaced on the Budget Committee and as the Representative to the Public Art Committee for the Jan Platt Library. The chair asked for volunteers for the Budget Committee. Ian Greig accepted both positions.

Cultural Arts District - Joe Stines distributed information to the Board members. Ian Greig asked if the Mayor had replied to the Board's correspondence. Joe responded that he was not aware of a response. A motion was made by Ian Greig and seconded by Helen Swisshelm, to draft a letter to Ron Rotella requesting a seat on the Cultural Arts District Steering Committee with copies forwarded to Rene Williams, Dan Kleman, and Mayor Greco. The Director responded that Helen Levine has suggested that she and Dan Kleman might meet with Library Board members to represent the County's position. Motion passed unanimously.

Ian Greig asked if there was any reason why the help desk hours for THOR were from 9am-6pm. Al Carlson responded that those are the fully staffed hours of the Automated Services Department. Several staff are on call for emergencies. Discussion followed about alternatives to expand the service, such as staggered hours and additional staff. Joe Stines stated that we are continuing to explore ways to extend the hours of the help desk. One possibility is for the Electronic Reference and Information (ERI) staff, which works the same hours as the John F. Germany Library, be crossed trained. Right now there is not enough staff available to rotate the hours.

Ian Greig also asked, why we continue to offer Suncoast Free Net e-mail when there are so many other free e-mail services available? Al Carlson stated that we are looking to provide the same kinds of e-mail service, that other provider services offer, to library clients who are still using older technology such as UNIX and who don't have the ability to connect to these other services.


An outline for citizens requesting new libraries needs to be created. Staff will draft a form incorporating the current siting guidelines for consideration by the Policy & Bylaws Committees.






The meeting was adjourned at 630pm.

Next Library Board Meeting:
         Date: July 27, 2000
         Time: 4pm-6pm
         Location: North Tampa Branch Library

                 - Unless notified otherwise

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